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Glass Film for both Exterior and Interior use

Glass films and graphics can provide an effective solution for enhancing privacy and adding character to your school’s environment. Privacy is achieved with film to control the transparency of glass surfaces to create barriers, while still allowing natural light in. This can be applied to multiple areas including exterior glass windows and doors, glass in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and common areas.

Here are some popular options:

Frosted Films: translucent films create a frosted or etched glass appearance. They obscure the view while allowing diffused light to pass through. These films are available in various patterns and designs, offering flexibility in achieving the desired level of privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Printed Films: Customized films in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. They can incorporate school logos, mascots, or custom graphics to enhance branding and school spirit. These films can be applied for partial or full coverage.

Perforated Film: These are also known as one-way vision window graphics, and provide privacy during the day. They allow people on the brighter side (usually the exterior) to see a full-colour graphic or design, while those on the darker side (interior) have clear visibility outside. These films are commonly used in areas where external visibility needs to be restricted, such as offices or meeting rooms. Keep in mind, once the exterior side is dark (let’s say, the sun goes down and the lights are on inside) the interior will be visible.


Interior Signage and Branding

Interior signage and branding within your school play a crucial role in creating a welcoming and organized environment. They help guide students, staff, and visitors, enhance school identity, and promote a sense of belonging. Signage like wayfinding signs, room labels, and cool graphic displays with important information, ie. values or reminders, can help communicate and reinforce your brand within the facility.

Some material options:

1. Painted acrylic

2. Metal laminate with acrylic base

3. Acrylic plaques

4. Brushed metal


Wall Murals and Decals

Wall murals and decals offer an opportunity to transform ordinary walls into engaging and educational spaces. They can be used to define areas, add privacy, and create a cohesive look throughout the school. Whether inspirational quotes, historical events, or artistic expressions, the use of wall graphics will help to create an immersive and stimulating environment for students.

Some material options:

1. Full coverage with printed images and murals

2. Partial coverage, ie. Word Clouds

3. Custom decals


More about Frosted film and graphics

Translucent glass films are popular interior solutions for privacy while still allowing natural light. Frost is widely used but some muted colours are also available. If needed, custom branding can be incorporated using this film while maintaining the desired level of privacy.

Some material options:

1. Full or partial coverage frost

2. Cut graphics in frost

3. Print on frost

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