Graphics & Signage for Gym and Fitness Centers


Graphics & Signage for Gym and Fitness Centers

Window graphics are a great way to promote fitness centers and attract new members. They create an inviting and inspiring first impression and showcase the gym’s services, classes, and amenities. The glass films can also add privacy and reduce glare while allowing natural light to enter the space.  Here are a few specific material options to choose from depending on your preferences.

  1. Perforated vinyl (one-way vision, full colour)
  2. Opaque vinyl (block out, full colour)
  3. Vinyl lettering and decals (great for hours of operation and minimal coverage)


Reception Signage & Logos

Good reception signage gives a positive first impression for walk ins and members alike.  Eye-catching and well-designed interior signs also convey the gym’s brand identity, showcase services, and provide important information.

Some material options:

  1. Painted acrylic
  2. Metal laminate with acrylic base
  3. Acrylic plaques
  4. Brushed metal


Wall Murals and Decals

Customized wall graphics are an effective way to enhance the atmosphere and motivate members. Showcasing motivational quotes, fitness images, and branding, they create an inspiring and engaging space. Graphics can also be used to define workout areas, add privacy, and create a cohesive look throughout the gym.

Some material options:

  1. Full coverage with printed images and murals
  2. Partial coverage Word Clouds
  3. Custom decals


Interior Glass – Privacy Film and Graphics

Translucent glass films are popular interior solutions for privacy while still allowing natural light. Frost is widely used but some muted colours are also available. The film can be installed plain or customized with gym branding while providing the desired level of privacy where needed.

Some material options:

  1. Full coverage frost
  2. Partial coverage frost
  3. Print on frost

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